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vFunction Assessment Hub

Formulate a Data-Driven Application Modernization Plan

Rapidly calculate the complexity, risk, and modernization opportunities associated with applications with vFunction Assessment Hub.

Start a free trial to analyze one application, for free, for one year. *

Until now, no single platform has allowed you to analyze and modernize your application estate.

vFunction Assessment Hub is a purpose-built modernization assessment for decision makers that uses static analysis and AI to analyze and condense data into three high-level indicators:

  1. Total cost of ownership (TCO) for your existing monolith, with a Cost of Innovation assessment
  2. Return on investment (ROI) for modernizing the top 10 highest technical debt classes
  3. Technical debt, Risk, and Complexity metrics

With these insights, software architects can assess, prioritize, and drive immediate action on modernization projects.

Next steps:

  • Fill out the form and look for an email from us with installation instructions.
  • Install the vFunction Assessment Hub. Simply add the vFunction agent and controller to your environment – no SaaS, completely secure, nothing leaves your site or tenancy. 
  • Analyze one application, for free, for one year. 

Start your free trial and our team will reach out to you with all the necessary license and installation details!

* The vFunction Assessment Hub free trial is a limited time offer for one application only.