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Amir Rapson

Refactoring Effort diagram with vFunction Modernization Hub

Simplify Refactoring Monoliths to Microservices with AWS and vFunction

Amir Rapson April 20, 2022

The Challenge to Modernize Complex Legacy Applications With estimates that 80% of the world’s business systems still not cloud ready, executives have begun to mandate initiatives to modernize their legacy applications for the cloud. These legacy applications are usually large monolithic systems with years or decades of accumulated technical debt, making them difficult to change, […]

Digital Transformation Stalled Out

3 Reasons Your Digital Transformation Stalled

Amir Rapson August 16, 2021

Please Note: This blog by Amir Rapson, vFunction CTO and co-founder, was originally published on The more a company modernizes, the more value it gets from the cloud, but not all digital transformation efforts are created—and executed—equally. According to Gartner, “87% of senior business leaders say digitalization is a company priority, yet only 40% of […]