Cloud Migration

The 5 Don’ts of Legacy Application Migration

Miranda Rudy May 24, 2023

The Cost of Technical Debt and What It Can Mean for Your Business

Bob Quillin December 6, 2022
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Using Machine Learning to Measure and Manage Technical Debt

Ori Saporta July 19, 2022

Preventing Monoliths: Why Cloud Modernization is a Continuum

Amir Rapson May 5, 2022
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How Long Does a Cloud Migration Take?

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A Guide to Cloud Application Migration Tools

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What is Refactoring in Cloud Migration? Judging Legacy Java Applications for Refactoring or Discarding

Bob Quillin March 7, 2022
Is your legacy monolith starting to get fishy?

“Java Monoliths” – Modernizing an Oxymoron

Jason Bloomberg (Guest Author - Managing Director, Intellyx) March 1, 2022
Cloud Migration

Why Cloud Migration Is Important

Bob Quillin February 8, 2022
hologram projector screen with cloud system technology scaled

The Case for Migrating Legacy Java Applications to the Cloud

Bob Quillin January 26, 2022