Cloud Modernization

Evolving Toward Modern-Day Goals with Continuous Modernization

Jason English (Guest Author - Principal Analyst, Intellyx) December 8, 2022
why monolithic apps but pressure on personnel

Why Monolithic Applications Put Pressure On Your Personnel, Part 1

Moti Rafalin September 2, 2022

Ten Google Cloud Products for Modernizing Your Monolithic Applications

Bob Quillin August 16, 2022
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Five Insights for CIOs to Understand About Application Modernization – Webinar Recap

Bob Quillin August 12, 2022
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Risk-Adjusted ROI Model for Modernization Projects

Moti Rafalin August 9, 2022

Cloud Modernization Approaches: Rehost, Replatform, or Refactor?

Bob Quillin July 8, 2022

Preventing Monoliths: Why Cloud Modernization is a Continuum

Amir Rapson May 5, 2022