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Learn more about Java application modernization, microservices, and cloud migrations in these in-depth how-to guides.

The History of Java Modernization

The Java language was developed in 1995 to enable devices to talk to each other. Over the years, the language has stood the test of time.

An Overview of Microservices Architecture & Design

Microservices offer many benefits. They are resilient, scalable, autonomous, agile, and easily deployable. But you must correctly design and architect them.

Guide to Developing a Successful 2022 Digital Transformation Strategy

Digital transformation can change how your business works and make it more profitable. In 11 steps, learn how to develop your digital transformation strategy.

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Migration Strategies Basics: Lift and Shift, Refactor, or Replace?

Lift and Shift, Refactor, or Replace? Choose the best migration strategy for you.

A Guide to Application Modernization

Dig into application modernization – from basic concepts to in-depth case studies, digital transformation to microservices.

The vFunction platform is award-winning, patented technology that uses AI to reduce refactoring efforts in order to improve scale, reliability, and reduce costs.