The Best of 2021 – Transform Legacy Java Apps to Microservices

legacy java apps
Bob Quillin December 27, 2021

Velocity is one of the major tenets of DevOps, and anything that maintains or improves velocity benefits the overall process. Yet, there are still many speed bumps in the DevOps process that threaten to derail progress and slow DevOps processes to a crawl. One of the biggest speed bumps arises when transforming legacy monolithic applications into something more cloud-friendly—namely, microservices.

Microservices are clearly the future of applications developed for the cloud; research giant IDC predicts that 90% of all new apps deployed by 2022 will feature microservices architectures. IDC also notes the primary benefits of microservices are the improvements to developers’ ability to design, debug, update and leverage third-party code. Although DevOps tends to be about developing internal code, the benefits offered by a microservices architecture remain much the same. Read More