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AI for Application Modernization

The vFunction platform rapidly assesses monolithic apps and transforms them into microservices

Why Monolithic Applications Need to be Modernized Now

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Take Control of Your Modernization

Assess your application estate, refactor your complex monoliths, and modernize your lift-and-shift apps

Modernization Leaders Need vFunction

It’s time to modernize modernization. Automation. Management. Control.

cto icon Chief Architects / CTOs

Your cloud transformation projects are moving ahead – but application modernization projects are not. Help application teams get unstuck and move forward faster.

  • Set corporate standards for modernization
  • Enforce compliance and best practices
  • Drain your legacy swamp faster

application owners icon Application Owners

The pressure to modernize is growing. Lift and shift won’t cut it. These legacy apps are hard to refactor – automation and analytics can help modernize your most complex app.

  • Modernize your most complex Java apps
  • Meet modernization mandates and deadlines
  • Eliminate expensive legacy licenses

system integrators icon Systems Integrators

Customers are giving up on lift and shift. Cloud native projects are taking too long and delivering often disappointing results. Accelerate existing  projects and uncover new opportunities.

  • Take on more complex projects confidently
  • Create additional UI and database modernization opportunities
  • Set up a full modernization factory for customers
“vFunction addressed a critical need for us to take thousands of our enterprise applications and modernize them through the use of an extremely powerful automated platform.”
Flavio Fasano, Senior Solution Architect
Intesa Sanpaolo Bank
“vFunction ultimately automates many of the steps involved in breaking the monolith into microservices, making the process up to 15 times faster.”
Paul Sawers

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Technology leaders can now evaluate the cost of technical debt, determine what to modernize first, and then take action – all in one platform.