Boost application resiliency and scalability with every release

Use vFunction’s AI-driven architectural observability platform to understand your application architecture, reduce technical debt and complexity, and continuously modernize with actionable insights.


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One platform for complete architectural observability

vFunction is an AI-driven architectural observability platform that increases engineering velocity, scalability, and resiliency by continuously identifying and recommending ways to reduce technical debt and complexity in your applications.

Architectural discovery and visualization

Leverage AI-based architecture discovery and mapping to understand the architectural health of applications. Explore different visualizations and identify the most impactful areas of improvement in minutes.

Dependency mapping

Discover complex and dynamic relationships among classes, transactions, files, beans, synchronization objects, sockets, stored procedures, and other resources highlighting areas for improvement.

Architectural technical debt analysis

Architectural technical debt highlights the compromises made during software design and development that affect the system’s core architecture. vFunction pinpoints sources of technical debt in your applications, including issues with business logic modularity, resource exclusivity, domain dependencies, architectural complexity, and more.

Prioritization and alerting

Incorporate a prioritized task list into every sprint to fix key technical debt issues, based on your unique goals for the domain, including application scalability, resiliency, engineering velocity and cloud readiness.

Architectural drift monitoring

See what's changed in your architecture since the last release — which domains were added, what dependencies were introduced — and configure automated alerts for new architectural events like new dependencies, domain changes, and cloud readiness issues. 

Remediation and automation

vFunction supports transformations for updated frameworks, automates code extraction for microservices creation, and generates the necessary APIs and client libraries for newly created microservices.

Integration and exporting

Export architectural data and analysis results into any system for any purpose, as well as task lists for use in Jira and Azure DevOps. Simplify deployment in cloud ecosystems via licensing and marketplace integrations.

What is architectural technical debt?

One of the most harmful, long-lasting forms of technical debt is architectural technical debt (ATD). Caused by architectural drift, bad architectural decisions, violations of defined target product architecture, or architectural trade-offs for faster software delivery, ATD can make future changes more costly or impossible, impacting scalability and reducing resiliency.

Use Cases

Drive modernization initiatives and increase engineering velocity

Engineering leaders leverage architectural observability to identify and reduce technical debt, drive resiliency and scalability, deliver innovative products faster, and continuously modernize and improve their applications.

Discover the real architecture of your applications

Map real-time relationships, dependencies, and structure of your applications with AI-powered observability.

Prevent architectural drift

Visualize how applications change over time and get back to the baseline you set by observing your architecture after each release.

Increase application resiliency

Continuously modernize and strengthen your applications, reducing unnecessary dependencies and creating more resilient boundaries between application domains.

Manage technical debt

Reduce architectural technical debt in your applications by automatically pinpointing issues with business logic, dead code, and dependencies, then generating a remediation to-do list.

Monolith to microservices

Isolate and modularize domains in your monolithic applications, then convert them to microservices with code extraction, REST API generation, and automatic framework upgrades.

“vFunction addressed a critical need for us to take thousands of our enterprise applications and modernize them through the use of an extremely powerful automated platform."

Flavio Fasano

Senior Solution Architect, Intesa Sanpaolo Bank

From monolith to microservices

Engineering teams and architects use vFunction to observe their application architectures, increase modularity, transform them into micro-service ready domains, and extract them into deployment-ready microservices.


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