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From Java Monolith to Cloud-Native Microservice: vFunction

Bob Quillin February 12, 2021

“The disappointment of lift and shift is something that is growing. vFunction’s cloud-native organizational platform offers developers and architects the ability to intelligently and automatically transform complex monolithic Java applications into microservices…” READ MORE…

vFunction Transforms Monolithic Java to Microservices

Bob Quillin February 5, 2021

“You can’t leverage true cloud infrastructure, like Kubernetes, or serverless, or all the great things that the cloud has to offer, without a complete refactoring of these applications. The problem is, refactoring is really difficult,” said Moti Rafalin. “The more you modernize, the more value you would get from the cloud…” Mike Melanson, The NewStack 

vFunction Exits Stealth to Transform Monolithic Enterprise Apps into Cloud-Native Microservices

Bob Quillin February 5, 2021

“vFunction ultimately automates many of the steps involved in breaking the monolith into microservices, making the process up to 15 times faster.” Venturebeat, Paul Sawers

Raising $12.2M, vFunction Rolls out Push-Button Modernization Platform for Java Apps

Bob Quillin February 5, 2021

Developers “control everything that’s happening, and they make the decisions because at the end of the day they’re the people who need to maintain it…the architect can decide which services to extract and then, with push of a button, create microservices based on the original code in an efficient manner with only the minimum required […]

vFunction Unveils the First and Only Platform Purpose-Built for Automated, Intelligent and Scalable Cloud Native Modernization (Press Release)

Bob Quillin February 2, 2021

Exiting stealth, vFunction has raised $12.2M in Seed funding to meet strong enterprise demand for efficient and effective Java app modernization projects Palo Alto, CA – Feb. 2, 2021 — Emerging from stealth today, vFunction announces the first and only platform purpose-built to automatically, efficiently, and intelligently transform complex, monolithic Java applications into microservices with […]

Oracle Developer Podcast: Tech Predictions for 2021

Bob Quillin January 20, 2021

Predictions for 2021: It’s all about inflection points – from agility to scale, technical debt to the failure of lift-and-shift. Plus achieving life balance in 2021.