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testing legacy code

Quality Testing Legacy Code – Challenges and Benefits

Bob Quillin May 10, 2022

Many of the world’s businesses are running enterprise applications that were developed a decade ago or more. Companies built the apps using a monolithic application architecture and hosted them in private data centers. With time, these applications have become mission-critical for the business; however, they come with many challenges as they age. Testing legacy code […]

Preventing Monoliths: Why Cloud Modernization is a Continuum

Amir Rapson May 5, 2022

This post was originally featured on The New Stack, sponsored by vFunction. Today, over 80% of enterprise applications are not cloud native, meaning that many companies with a surplus of legacy applications are not benefitting from the business agility and the engineering velocity they once had. Approaching an ambitious and long overdue modernization project can be […]

What Architects Should Know about Zombie Code

Oliver White May 5, 2022

This post was originally featured on TheNewStack, sponsored by vFunction. “Dead Code,” aka zombie code, refers to unreachable legacy code residing inside applications and common libraries that is not called by any current services. It shows up unpredictably and grows over time, contributes to technical debt and presents an unknown potential security risk for cyberattacks. […]

how long does a cloud migration take

How Long Does a Cloud Migration Take?

Bob Quillin May 4, 2022

Migrating legacy applications for the cloud involves multiple processes and comprehensive preparation. Although application migration has the goal of transforming applications so they are effective in the cloud, the answer to the burning question: how long does a cloud migration take depends on where your starting point is. For example:  Do you have a broad […]

application modernization trends

Application Modernization Trends: Goals, Challenges, and Resources

Bob Quillin May 4, 2022

Over the past few years, application modernization has continued to gain traction and some relevant trends are taking shape. The Covid-19 pandemic further accelerated this transformation and there is a high level of motivation to modernize applications.  Foundry’s State of The CIO Study 2022 revealed interesting data: Application/legacy system modernization jumped from #8 to #3 […]

legacy java security

Legacy Java Security: What Are the Risks?

Bob Quillin May 4, 2022

Numerous enterprise applications still run on outdated Java technologies, especially the core functionalities. In some cases, businesses are reluctant to move these applications to the cloud because that could make them obsolete. However, these older systems have multiple weak points and security vulnerabilities as cyber security criminals have become more sophisticated. Let’s look at legacy […]

cloud application migration tools

A Guide to Cloud Application Migration Tools

Bob Quillin April 27, 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated cloud adoption as businesses struggled to incorporate eCommerce. By 2021, for most companies, cloud application migration tools were among the top five investment areas. Based on research by MarketsandMarkets, the global cloud migration services market was valued at $3.2 billion in 2019. In 2022, the market value is more than $9.5 […]

monolithic vs microservices architecture

Monolithic Vs. Microservices Architecture: Modernizing Monolithic Apps and Databases for the Cloud

Bob Quillin April 27, 2022

If your company has been in business for a decade or more with a custom application, there’s a high chance that the application’s architecture is obsolete. Ten years ago, monolithic vs. microservices architecture for business apps wasn’t much of a discussion: monolithic applications seemed to still be working well, and most IT professionals knew how […]

Refactoring Effort diagram with vFunction Modernization Hub

Simplify Refactoring Monoliths to Microservices with AWS and vFunction

Amir Rapson April 20, 2022

The Challenge to Modernize Complex Legacy Applications With estimates that 80% of the world’s business systems still not cloud ready, executives have begun to mandate initiatives to modernize their legacy applications for the cloud. These legacy applications are usually large monolithic systems with years or decades of accumulated technical debt, making them difficult to change, […]