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AWS re:Invent 2021 – Las Vegas

Join vFunction at Booth 824 at AWS re:Invent 2021 November 29 – December 3 in Las Vegas. At booth #824, vFunction will be demonstrating the decomposition of monolithic Java applications, breaking them down into a set of microservices, and deploying them on to AWS cloud infrastructure. Meet the founding team and our engineers to discuss ways to solve two of the biggest challenges facing application modernization and migration teams today:

  • How to efficiently decompose monolithic applications into microservices
  • How to safely stage, migrate, and deploy those microservice applications onto cloud environments.

By using the vFunction platform, developers and architects are able to lower the risk of these projects by automating and accelerating the refactoring and re-architecting of their legacy Java applications into microservices and deploying them on to AWS cloud-native infrastructure.

  • What: AWS re:Invent 2021
  • When: November 29 – December 3, 2021
  • Where: vFunction Booth #824, AWS re:Invent Expo
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On-Demand Webinar: How to Close the Growing Application Modernization Gap

The desire to modernize legacy applications has never been stronger, but the industry has lacked the tools and requisite best practices. Elite teams building new applications have dramatically increased their release frequency and engineering velocity, and these same practices can now be applied to legacy Java application modernization and refactoring.

RedMonk analyst report vFunction

In this webinar, James Governor from RedMonk and the vFunction team will explore how to increase your automation, observability, and continuous modernization skills to massively accelerate Java app modernization velocity and success.


October 28th, 2021 – Stop the Old ‘Lift and Shift’ – Take Your Monolith Direct to Cloud Native

Check out all the sessions at ADDO 2021 on October 28, 2021. It’s the 6th annual gathering of the world’s largest DevOps conference. Bob Quillin’s sessions will focus on how to skip the typical lift-and-shift approach and direclty modernize your Java applications into microservices.

Abstract: Enterprises who have tried to lift-and-shift their monolithic applications to the cloud are often disappointed with the results. This approach has left them unable to take advantage of the full value of cloud computing – no elasticity, limited saving, and no improvement in engineering velocity or business agility. This session introduces new automation techniques that leverage advances in dynamic analysis, data science, and graph theory to automate and accelerate the decomposition of monolithic applications into microservices to accelerate the path to a cloud native architecture. This eliminates the need for such stopgaps as lift-and-shift and presents architects and developers with a scalable factory model to drive faster application modernization.

On Demand: Transform Monolithic Java Applications to Microservices with vFunction

Learn how to accelerate and simplify the modernization and migration of legacy Java applications. You’ll see a live demo and understand how to:

  • Accurately assess which applications to modernize
  • Accelerate the analysis and decomposition of monoliths into microservices
  • Automate extracting and deploying these new microservices on any cloud native platform

This webinar will walk through how vFunction automates and accelerates application modernization using data science, AI, and automation – whether you have one massive, complex legacy Java monolith or hundreds of Java apps to modernize.

Microservices World – October 26-28

Moti Rafalin with present “Out with the Old “Lift and Shift” – New Techniques for Modernizing Legacy Apps for Cloud Native” on Tuesday, October 26 from 2 – 2:50 PM PT at  Microservices World – PRO Stage 3The conference will be fully virtual with an opportunity to learn the latest technologies and best practices in microservices architecture and DevOps engineering.