Modernize applications to maximize cloud benefits

vFunction partners with the leading cloud providers to help enterprises modernize their applications. Leverage vFunction architectural observability to modularize applications, simplify your distributed architecture, and modernize legacy software to take advantage of the most advanced cloud services.

Maximizing cloud implementation value with vFunction

Whether you’re working with one or many cloud providers, with vFunction, you can leverage AI to observe your application architecture, analyze it, and continuously optimize it to get the most from the cloud.


Reduce complexity in your architecture, before, during and after migrating to the cloud. vFunction works with AWS Migration Hub Refactor Spaces to extract legacy services and modernize in the AWS cloud.

Microsoft Azure

Modernize monolithic applications before, during and after migrating to Azure. vFunction helps you refactor and optimize your apps for Azure advanced services like Azure Spring Cloud, Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) and more.

Google Cloud

Transform monolithic applications into microservices and optimize domains and applications for containers on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), moving workloads to Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) or GKE Enterprise environments.

Oracle Cloud

Transform legacy Java monoliths on Oracle Cloud to microservices, observe them constantly and optimize them for the cloud on an ongoing basis.

Case Study

Trend Micro uses vFunction to refactor critical monolith for AWS

Learn how the global leader in cloud workload security sped up modernization efforts by 4x with automation, reduced deployment time by 90%, and boosted developer morale across the organization.

“We are excited to be working with vFunction to monitor our applications to detect and fix issues before they result in more serious consequences."

Martin Lavigne

R&D Lead, Trend Micro

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Transform your monoliths into cloud-friendly microservices

Automate the transformation of monolithic applications with actionable, AI-powered insights. Start by getting full visibility into your application architecture and cloud-readiness, then use Code Copy to extract code, turn it into microservices, and generate the relevant APIs and libraries.


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