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Architectural Observability Platform

Assess Technical Debt. Observe Architectural Drift. Continuously Modernize.

FeaturesArchitectural Observability Platform
AI-based identification and mapping of functional domains and their entry points
Calculation of class, transactions, files, beans, database tables, synchronization objects, sockets, stored procedures exclusivity
Identification of various objects’ dependencies (classes, transactions, files, beans, database tables, synchronization objects, sockets, stored procedures)
Multiple graphical representations per identified domain (call tree, class, spring bean and jar dependencies)
Ability to refine boundaries and define baseline architecture with real time feedback
Continuous analysis and quantification of technical debt level, complexity and risk
Automatically generate modernization “To Do” list of tasks to remediate & manage technical debt
Alerting capabilities including:
  • Dead Code Found
  • Database Table Exclusivity
  • New Domain/Service Introduced
  • New Common Classes Found
  • Domain/Service Exclusivity Dropped
  • New High-Debt Classes Identified
Advanced design capabilities
Ability to automatically extract code to create microservices
Automatic Creation of Restful APIs, client libraries for extracted Services
Code Migration to modern frameworks and patterns
billed yearly

vFunction is priced by application and the metering unit is the number of classes, meaning you pay an annual subscription per number of classes per month, times twelve, for a named application. For instance, a customer purchases a license subscription for one named application of 1,000 classes or two named applications of 300 classes and 700 classes. Customers cannot buy 1,000 classes and move them between applications. vFunction pricing is by the number of classes within a specific named application.

* Special ELAs are available on a case-by-case basis.

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