vFunction Partner Program

As a vFunction partner you'll be able to use architectural observability to help your customers modernize their software, address technical debt, and increase the scalability and resiliency of applications.

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  • Expand application management services: Add architectural observability to existing client application management services (AMS) to reduce technical debt and continuously optimize application architectures. Onboard developers and architects faster and prevent architectural drift while developing modern applications.
  • Move and transform: Help clients move to the cloud and modernize their applications. Build a continuous modernization factory to feed AMS services. Modernize monolithic applications already in the cloud. Stop lift-and-shift and offer move-and-transform.
  • Offer new architectural observability services: vFunction helps analyze technical debt of a company’s applications, accurately identifies the source of that debt, and helps decision-makers prioritize apps for modernization — which then can lead directly to a modernization project with the full vFunction platform.

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