Innovate faster with AI-driven architectural observability

Get real-time visibility into how your applications are structured, address key sources of technical debt and complexity, and drive engineering velocity at your organization while increasing scalability and resiliency.

Discover and visualize your applications’ architecture

vFunction analyzes the architectural health of your complete application portfolio and then creates a model representing class and resource dependencies.

  • Rely on AI to map functional domains and entry points for a greater understanding of application structure.
  • Visualize architecture across the entire application portfolio for a comprehensive view of your architectural health.
  • Determine application modularity by assessing the exclusivity of domains, analyzing classes, transactions, files, beans, synchronization objects, sockets, stored procedures, and more to highlight key areas of ATD to address.

Uncover complex relationships and dependencies

Dig deeper into complex relationships and dependencies that slow down engineering velocity and hinder application scalability.

  • Explore multiple visualizations with actionable insights, including call trees, class diagrams, spring beans, and JAR dependencies.
  • Configure granular settings for application analysis, including management of classes, JARs, entry points, and merging measurements.
  • Get a detailed complexity score based on class and resource exclusivity, domain topology, etc., indicating the overall level of effort to rearchitect an application.
  • Establish a clear architectural baseline with real-time feedback on adjustments.

Pinpoint architectural technical debt

vFunction identifies architectural technical debt in your applications, using dynamic analysis and static analysis to uncover potential issues, identify root causes, and lay out a path for technical debt reduction.

  • Reduce resource interdependencies
  • Move off aging frameworks
  • Address dynamically identified high-debt classes
  • Remove dynamically identified dead code
  • Isolate each domain or service
  • Improve cloud suitability of your applications
  • Increase resource and class exclusivity
  • Reduce complexity in common libraries

Prioritize refactoring and modernization tasks

Focus your efforts on architectural improvements that best align with your engineering goals. vFunction automatically generates detailed, exportable task lists prioritized by specific business impact.

  • Configure automated alerts based on your goals for scalability, engineering velocity, cloud-readiness, and resiliency.
  • Sort and filter tasks by domain, status, priority, type, and more.
  • Export tasks for use in tools like Jira and Azure DevOps.

Combat architectural drift with each release

Integrate architectural observability into your CI/CD release cycles, tracking and reporting on how each application changes over time. vFunction measures architectural drift using the baseline you set, sending configurable auto-alerts for new architectural events.

  • Refine boundaries and define baseline architecture
  • Enable real-time feedback on architectural adjustments
  • Automatically surface drift and new technical debt after every release cycle
  • Get alerted when a new domain is added, dependencies increase, new common class is introduced, and more.

Automate refactoring and modernization

Modularize monolithic code, simplify your distributed architecture, and assess cloud readiness with a set of tools for continuous modernization.

  • Accelerate the transformation of monolithic applications to microservices with vFunction Code Copy, enabling automatic code extraction after modularizing domains.
  • Automate the creation of REST APIs and client libraries for extracted services, enhancing integration and accessibility.
  • Analyze domain suitability for cloud infrastructure matching Windup rules to the detected domain environment, generating actionable tasks based on uniquely configured target technologies of a domain.
  • Automate the upgrade of aging frameworks by integrating with OpenRewrite for automated framework upgrade.

Architectural observability for your entire application estate

The vFunction platform is scalable, secure, and designed to seamlessly analyze and observe your architecture in your regular development cycles. Discover your architecture, manage technical debt and architectural drift, and take action based on your organization’s top priorities.

What is true architectural observability?

Architectural observability is the ability to analyze an application statically and dynamically and understand its architecture, observe drift, and find and fix architectural technical debt. By fixing these issues, architects and engineering teams can directly address application resiliency and scalability while improving engineering velocity.

“We are excited to be working with vFunction to monitor our applications to detect and fix issues before they result in more serious consequences."

Martin Lavigne

R&D Lead, Trend Micro

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Secure deployment

vFunction runs locally behind your organization’s firewall or cloud provider’s security, so you maintain complete control over your data.


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