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how long does a cloud migration take

How Long Does a Cloud Migration Take?

Bob Quillin May 4, 2022
application modernization trends

Application Modernization Trends: Goals, Challenges, and Resources

Bob Quillin May 4, 2022
legacy java security

Legacy Java Security: What Are the Risks?

Bob Quillin May 4, 2022
cloud application migration tools

A Guide to Cloud Application Migration Tools

Bob Quillin April 27, 2022
monolithic vs microservices architecture

Monolithic Vs. Microservices Architecture: Modernizing Monolithic Apps and Databases for the Cloud

Bob Quillin April 27, 2022
Refactoring Effort diagram with vFunction Modernization Hub

Simplify Refactoring Monoliths to Microservices with AWS and vFunction

Amir Rapson April 20, 2022

What Are the Benefits of Microservices Architecture?

Bob Quillin March 17, 2022
HPE and vFunction team up

HPE Ezmeral now integrates with vFunction to automate legacy application modernization

Bob Quillin March 16, 2022
cloud vs cloud native

Cloud vs Cloud-Native: Taking Legacy Java Apps to the Next Level

Bob Quillin March 7, 2022