10 Hottest DevOps Companies of 2021

Bob Quillin November 16, 2021

Here are 10 DevOps upstarts that were on the market this year, busy aiding the collaboration between developers and operators.

DevOps, the combination of software development and IT operations, is a space that has become increasingly popular and in-demand. Software and applications are top-of-mind for businesses transforming their IT architectures to support a faster development lifecycle – a critical element today for performing efficiently and competing more effectively.

DevOps-focused companies are popping up in the market with innovative, streamlined tools and platforms that can ease the work of deploying patches and updates, archiving and releasing code, and provisioning scalable infrastructure – all while ensuring security is maintained throughout the process. The DevOps platforms of today are increasingly focused on breaking down silos between the development and operations teams.

Here are 10 DevOps technology startups in the market today that are coming in hot with their own methodologies on application software development that solution providers should know about. Read More