How Modernizing Legacy Apps Reduces Technical Debt: vFunction CEO Explains

Bob Quillin February 23, 2022

The US-based AI-startup head also indicated that some applications are better suited for a ‘lift-and-shift’ strategy, whereas others should be retired.

Legacy systems pose a security threat because of their outdated frameworks. To remove this complexity, companies should modernize their applications, explained Moti Rafalin, CEO and co-founder, vFunction, a platform that helps companies transition from legacy systems to cloud.

Over time, legacy systems become so complex that companies find it hard to support and maintain them, thus increasing the technical debt. Even though engineers are convinced about the negative impact of technical debt on the business, 58% of companies still have no process for managing it, a Stepsize report highlights.

In this edition of Tech Talk, vFunction’s CEO shares ways to modernize the legacy systems to reduce the tech debt, moving beyond a ‘lift and shift’ cloud strategy, and prioritizing only those workloads that are best suited for the cloud.

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