Modernization platform provider vFunction releases tool for assessing technical debt

Bob Quillin May 3, 2022

Application modernization startup vFunction Inc. today added a companion to its automated software modernization platform that organizations can use to calculate the impact of technical debt across their application portfolio to help in setting priorities for which applications to modernize.

The company, which raised $12.2 million in seed funding in early 2021 and $26 million more late in the year, sells a modernization platform that combines dynamic analysis, static analysis, data science and automation to extract services from monolithic applications written in Java. It transforms them into the loosely coupled microservices that are typically used to build cloud-native applications.

Technical debt is the umbrella term for hacks and workarounds that developers use to achieve short-term goals while creating a need for longer-term fixes. A classic example of technical debt was the Year 2000 problem, in which small compromises developers made to save memory and disk storage in the 1970s by using two-digit dates became a huge problem in the 1990s when the workarounds threatened to disrupt date calculations worldwide. Read More