VFunction deploys AI to improve code and fix technical debt

Bob Quillin May 3, 2022

Can technology fix technical debt? That is, can more code identify the problems within the code base? VFunction has a plan to do just that. Today, they’re announcing the VFunction Assessment Hub, a product that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and graph algorithms to measure the quality of code and guides developers on how to improve it. 

The new product joins the VFunction Application Platform, a tool for rewriting the code of an application to bring it up to more modern standards. Companies with older legacy code may use the tool to slowly evolve the software through redesign and refactoring.

“What we found out is that many times organizations don’t really know how to prioritize the applications that they want to modernize or  how to quantify the technical debt or even to decide which application that would get the most bang for the buck by fixing.” said Moti Rafalin, the CEO and a cofounder of the company. 

The VFunction Assessment Hub evaluates a Java code base and generates numerical measures of the code complexity and interdependence and then converts it into a number that captures the amount of “technical debt”.  Read More