vFunction Launches AI Powered Modernization Assessment

Bob Quillin May 5, 2022

The News: vFunction, today announced the availability of the vFunction Assessment Hub, a product that uses AI to calculate the effect of technical debt across applications, their negative impact on innovation, predict the benefits of refactoring, and then integrate seamlessly into an automated refactoring platform. For full details of the announcement.

vFunction Launches AI powered Modernization Assessment Solution

Analyst Take: One of the major inhibitors to innovation in organizations looking to digitally transform is the costs associated with the technical debt associated with legacy applications. The manual assessment approaches leveraged are cumbersome and oftentimes fail to deliver the required outcomes. For organizations looking to increase the velocity of their innovation efforts, companies need to focus on eliminating technical debt across their application landscape. However, developing a complete understanding of the actual cost of technical debt and developing a modernization business case is tough to execute for enterprises today. To improve business case justification, planning efforts, and resourcing companies need to be able to accurately assess and measure the negative impact that technical debt has on the ability to innovate, and modernize applications and reap the benefits of their efforts in a timely manner.

vFunction is still a relatively new company, only being founded in 2017 and they are looking to address a fundamental challenge facing many senior development executives: the “where do I start and how what is my starting point” challenge. According to Crunchbase, the company has raised $38.2m and based on my recent briefing with the company they are now looking to move out of a relative stealth mode with a Java and .Net based assessment solution that looks to assess monolithic applications and provide tools that assist the conversion to cloud-native micro-services.

vFunction is positioning itself as an AI-driven platform for developers and architects that intelligently and automatically transforms complex monolithic applications into microservices, restoring engineering velocity, and helping companies realize the benefits of the cloud. The company’s tooling is designed to eliminate the project duration, risk, and cost constraints of manually modernizing applications, vFunction is looking to deliver a scalable, repeatable model for cloud-native modernization. Read More