vFunction tool assesses technical debt for app modernization

Bob Quillin May 5, 2022

vFunction Assessment Hub is aimed at IT decision makers, providing a technical debt score highlighting the complexity of the legacy application code and risk factors associated with it.

App modernization platform provider vFunction has released a new tool dubbed vFunction Assessment Hub, to help CIOs and other IT decision makers understand the complexity and risk of their existing legacy applications before deciding to modernize them — a process that typically involves taking on technical debt.

Market demand for faster and better services along with the impact of the pandemic on revenue and operations has put pressure on companies to modernize their legacy apps. App modernization is the process of revamping or updating software or architecture to achieve agility and innovation in business operations.

Modernizing apps on the basis of a composable application architecture can help enterprises outpace competition by 80% in the speed of new feature implementation, according to Gartner. Read More