vFunction Tool Uses AI to Help Convert Monolithic Java Apps

Bob Quillin May 3, 2022

vFunction today added the ability to employ artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically assess the level of effort required to convert a monolithic Java application into a set of microservices.

Bob Quillin, chief ecosystem officer for vFunction, said the goal is to make it simpler for IT teams to more effectively employ the company’s vFunction Application Transformation Engine by using a vFunction Assessment Hub that assesses the level of technical debt involved.

Legacy monolithic Java applications tend to have a lot of technical debt and dependencies that make them a challenge to convert into microservices, he noted. Most simpler Java applications have either already been converted or are in process, Quillin added.

The vFunction Assessment Hub enables IT teams to better predict the outcome of refactoring a Java application to better prioritize which Java application should be converted first based on, for example, the level of scalability that can be achieved, said Quillin. Current assessment approaches involve a lot of manual effort and which typically requires organizations to hire external contractors to perform, he added. Read More