vFunction Updates its AI-Driven App Modernization Platform To Tackle Technical Debt

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Bob Quillin May 25, 2022

vFunction is enhancing its AI-driven app modernization platform by adding automated assessment features that allow users to identify and prioritize their modernization efforts more efficiently.

The vFunction AI-driven platform delivers a scalable, repeatable factory model for modernizing on-prem Java legacy apps for cloud-native environments.

The latest platform component, vFunction Assessment Hub, uses AI to calculate the effect of technical debt across applications accurately. It aims to help companies quantify the negative impact of technical debt and measure its negative impact on innovation, vFunction CEO Moti Rafalin told IDN.

vFunction Assessment Hub enables enterprises to prioritize app modernization efforts to restore engineering velocity, boost scalability, and gain actionable insights on the impact of technical debt,” Rafalin added.  The platform also offers intelligence and automation from hundreds of legacy applications that have been analyzed and refactored by vFunction over the past 18 months.

vFunction Assessment Hub allows enterprises to accurately identify and prioritize which apps to modernize. Users can also construct an actionable roadmap for refactoring and build business case for modernization that increases innovation velocity, he added. Read More