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AWS + vFunction

Accelerate Application Modernization at Scale on AWS

Contact us to learn how vFunction is working with AWS to automatically and rapidly assess, prioritize and then transform complex Java and .net monoliths into microservices, accelerating the journey to Amazon Web Services.

AWS selected the patented, award-winning vFunction Cloud Native Modernization Platform to power modernization and refactoring on AWS.

Assessment Hub:  

Purpose-built modernization assessment for decision-makers. It uses AI to analyze and condense data into 3 high-level indicators that allow you to assess, prioritize and drive immediate action on your modernization projects and onboard apps into the vFunction platform.

Modernization Hub: 

Full modernization platform that takes monolithic apps and automatically transforms them into microservices/miniservices:

Analyze, design, blueprint with vFunction Studio and generate microservices on the vFunction Modernization Hub platform. Automatically create services out of the original code. Let the vFunction platform take you through refactoring, re-architecting, and rewriting services. Deploy on AWS.

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Case Study

Fortune 100 bank uses AI & automation to decompose Java monolith

This Fortune 100 bank on AWS with over $2 trillion in assets used vFunction to accelerate Java monolith decomposition by 25x, at 3x less cost.

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Automatically transforms complex monolithic Java applications into microservices

Refactoring Effort diagram with vFunction Modernization Hub

Simplify Refactoring Monoliths to Microservices with AWS and vFunction

Using vFunction Platform and AWS Refactor Spaces together can solve the dual challenges of decomposing monolithic apps into microservices and then iteratively and safely stage, migrate, and deploy those microservice applications onto AWS environments.