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vFunction Architectural Observability (AOM) on Microsoft Azure


vFunction Continuous Modernization Manager enables architects to assess, monitor, find, and fix application modernization issues before they result in a technical debt disaster – the first shift-left product for architects.

CMM is the first application modernization solution to continuously monitor, baseline, detect and isolate critical application architecture anomalies, s.a:

  • New service identified 
  • New common classes found 
  • Service exclusivity dropped 
  • New dead code found 
  • New high debt classes identified 

The observability-driven architecture consists of a repeatable best practice that manages, observes, and fixes application architectural technical debt issues on an iterative, continuous basis.

  • Baseline, monitor, and alert on architectural drift issues such as new services detected, new common classes found, service exclusivity changes, new dead code found, and new high debt classes identified.
  • Get notified of architectural anomalies immediately through various alert systems including Slack, email, and vFunction Notifications Center. 

Once an architectural drift issue is pinpointed, address them directly with your development team or use vFunction Modernization Hub to resolve the issue.


  • Subscription-based: $5.50/class/year
  • For any class capacity, the ability to true-up for additional class capacity, as needed


We are happy to offer implementation services to support your modernization project of any scale and complexity.​

The CMM implementation service is optional, can be delivered by one of our Java/.NET specialized, dedicated partners.​

Please fill out the form for our team to initiate the CMM purchase & implementation process.