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Find & Fix Architectural Technical Debt

Reduce Complexity and Unlock Innovation with Architectural Observability

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Architectural Technical Debt creates a significant drag on application innovation, leading to the accumulation of architectural debt, suboptimal design decisions, and declining developer productivity. Don’t let your application architecture become a “big ball of mud.” Discover how vFunction’s Architectural Observability Manager can help you identify, prioritize, and remediate architectural debt, unlocking innovation throughout the software development lifecycle.

Why vFunction?

Unlike traditional tech debt tools, vFunction combines static and dynamic analysis to identify domains, refine boundaries, and continue to monitor for architectural drift, offering a comprehensive solution beyond source code hygiene.

Key Features:
  • Technical Debt Identification: Identify the sources of technical debt and fix them immediately. Automatically discover and then refine domains, identifying cross domain pollution, high debt classes, and cross-domain database relationships to add to modernization to-do list.
  • Architectural Observability: Establish a baseline, monitor, and alert on architectural drift issues such as new service detected, new common classes found, service exclusivity change, new dead code found, and new high debt classes identified.
  • Refactoring Monolithic Applications: Once a critical domain has been isolated, use the vFunction Refactoring Engine Module to extract the domain into a new microservice, run it on a Kubernetes or container platform like AWS EKS or Fargate, or deploy to an AWS Lambda serverless framework.
  • Continuously Modernize: Prevent architectural drift and the re-accumulation of architectural technical debt. Architects are alerted of issues that need attention and receive prioritized modernization to-dos to fix them incrementally.
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