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Automate the Strangler Fig Pattern with vFunction

The Strangler Fig Pattern was originally introduced by Martin Fowler, Chief Scientist, at Thoughtworks, to reduce the risk in application modernization by gradually and sequentially refactoring the existing components of a monolith into new services.

Just as the strangler fig vine slowly grows to subsume parts of an older, existing tree, this pattern provides a very apt metaphor for incrementally modernizing an application.

Request a demo to learn how vFunction automates the Strangler Fig Pattern:

  • Discover Domains: vFunction automatically identifies services following a domain-driven-design approach using patented AI-based dynamic and static analysis
  • Refine Boundaries: Architects can select service or services to refactor using the design studio to sharpen boundaries, build common libraries, and find and remove critical dependencies
  • Automate Extraction: Apply the Strangler Fig Pattern with automated service extraction and API creation, while¬† iteratively cutting over from the monolith to the new microservice