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Intellyx Analyst eBook: Weathering the Changing Tides of Architectural Drift

In this detailed guide, we dive deep into the intricacies of architectural debt, equipping you with the insights and best practices to help you understand your software architecture better and manage it more effectively. Discover the tradeoffs between monolithic and microservices architectures, and explore real-world cases illustrating both good and bad architectural debt.

Quick Answer by GartnerĀ®: How to Manage Architecture Technical Debt

Software engineering leaders are seeking clear guidance on the emerging threat of architecture technical debt. Use this research to build stakeholder awareness, clarify the challenges and help your teams proactively manage architectural technical debt to prevent it from becoming a major roadblock.

Shifting Architecture Left

Explore the evolving role of software architects in today’s tech landscape. Join a candid conversation between the author and vFunction CTO, Amir Rapson, as they discuss the challenges, nuances, and importance of architects in managing technical debt and fostering innovation within applications.

measure and monitor technical debt

Measure and Monitor Technical Debt with 5 Types of Tools

Architects and software engineering leaders need the right tools to understand, track, manage, and remediate architectural tech debt in their apps. Download this GartnerĀ® report to learn more.

DEJ analyst report

DEJ: Top 20 Emerging Vendors for Managing IT Performance in 2022

DEJ surveyed more than 3,300 organizations on a variety of topics about managing IT performance. This research uncovers key challenges organizations face when evaluating solutions for managing IT performance.

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