Raiders of the Lost Apps: an adventurer’s guidebook for uncovering technical debt through modernization

Is application modernization on your priority list this year? If you’re hoping to transform applications for the cloud to better adapt to constant changes, support a hybrid workforce, and remain competitive, you’re on the right track. One of the smartest things you can do first is to address technical debt—not just to identify it but eliminating it to ensure your modernization efforts will pay off and not cause more problems.

Technical debt is the Achilles heel of many organizations. Some ignore it because it’s just too daunting to tackle. Others struggle to obtain executive buy-in and budget. And then there are those that jump in without the right strategy and tools, quickly finding themselves lost, over budget, and not much further along than when they began. If these pain points sound familiar, this ebook will be a valuable resource.

This Intellyx & vFunction eBook for software architects and CIOs covers the following:

  • How technical debt accumulates and its impact on modernization and the organization
  • The value of breaking down monolithic applications into microservices
  • How to accurately calculate current technical debt with a data-driven plan that helps build a business case
  • The four primary approaches to rationalizing applications and how rearchitecting is typically the best method to resolve application technical debt issues
  • Examples of Java EE technical debt roadblocks and how to overcome them
  • Why continuous modernization is essential in today’s world
  • Intellyx perspectives and recommendations

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