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How to Modernize with the Strangler Fig Pattern

Modernizing monolithic legacy applications can be a massive, difficult, and time-consuming process wrought with risks, yet if organizations need those apps to continue fulfilling business-critical functions, transformation is critical. But how can architects be certain that changes to the legacy code only impact the targeted function?

Enter the Strangler Fig Pattern. This application modernization approach allows architects to replace each function with an independent microservice without having to rewrite the entire app all at once. The Strangler Fig Pattern offers at least seven advantages over direct migration and can prevent destructive coding anti-patterns.

This ebook for software architects and CIOs covers:

  • How the challenges of application modernization drive the need for a safer method to update legacy apps
  • How the Strangler Fig Pattern works and the advantages it delivers
  • How to avoid dangerous coding anti-patterns that result in technical debt 
  • How to maximize the benefits of the strangler fig in modernizing your legacy apps by following five best practices
  • How AWS Migration Hub Refactor Spaces and vFunction work together to accelerate the modernization process by at least a factor of 15
strangler fig pattern for application modernization