Navigating Technical Debt: A strategic guide to drive engineering velocity in 2024

navigating technical debt guide

Technical debt represents a $1.52 trillion* dollar cost to the global economy and is the antithesis of engineering velocity, which is crucial for innovating faster. So how do we take a manageable approach to addressing it?

Read this guide for software architects and engineering leaders that covers: 

  • The root causes of technical debt and how it blocks innovation
  • How the hidden costs of technical debt are manifested 
  • The symptoms of tech debt — complexity, delayed goals, and degraded customer & employee experience — impact your entire organization
  • Tips to prioritize tech debt remediation to boost engineering velocity, scalability, and resilience
  • How vFunction uses AI to help make applications more modular and reduce technical debt

*Mims, C. (2024) The Invisible $1.52 Trillion Problem: Clunky Old Software, Wall Street Journal

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