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Navigating Technical Debt:
A strategic guide to drive engineering
velocity in 2024

Technical debt represents a $1.52 trillion* dollar cost to the global economy and is the antithesis of engineering velocity, which is crucial for innovating faster. So how do we take a manageable approach to addressing it?

Read this guide for software architects and engineering leaders that covers: 

  • The root causes of technical debt and how it blocks innovation
  • How the hidden costs of technical debt are manifested 
  • The symptoms of tech debt — complexity, delayed goals, and degraded customer & employee experience — impact your entire organization
  • Tips to prioritize tech debt remediation to boost engineering velocity, scalability, and resilience
  • How vFunction uses AI to help make applications more modular and reduce technical debt

*Mims, C. (2024) The Invisible $1.52 Trillion Problem: Clunky Old Software, Wall Street Journal

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How do organizations manage technical debt?

Explore the tools used to manage different types of technical debt. Dive into code quality, security analysis, performance monitoring, and more. Discover the missing piece in addressing architectural technical debt and how Architectural Observability tools like vFunction play a crucial role in a comprehensive debt management strategy.

Monitor, manage, and modernize your software architecture with the vFunction Architectural Observability Platform