Architectural Observability Learning Series

In this three-part video series, gain insights into how companies manage technical debt, what is architectural technical debt, and the role of Architectural Observability. Explore the features and benefits of managing architectural technical debt through Architectural Observability.

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Why should you care about technical debt?

Discover how technical debt negatively impacts your software architecture. Learn how it accumulates due to sacrifices and shortcuts, impacting engineering velocity, scalability, and predictability. Uncover the risks of leaving it unmanaged, and explore why measuring and managing it is vital for your organization’s success.

How do organizations manage technical debt?

Explore the tools used to manage different types of technical debt. Dive into code quality, security analysis, performance monitoring, and more. Discover the missing piece in addressing architectural technical debt and how Architectural Observability tools like vFunction play a crucial role in a comprehensive debt management strategy.

What is Architectural Observability?

Unlock the power of Architectural Observability and its role in analyzing software architecture. Learn how it can identify architectural technical debt, enhance engineering velocity, and improve scalability. Explore the need for AI in domain-driven design and how it helps spot critical architectural drift problems. Discover how Architectural Observability tools can modernize your applications effectively.

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