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Technical Debt: A Guide for Frustrated Software Architects and CIOs

As of 2022, application modernization has become a top priority for CIOs in the enterprise. Yet, according to a recent survey of 250 senior IT professionals, the majority of Application Modernization initiatives end in failure, at an average cost of $1.5 million and 16 months of work hours.

Enterprises engage in application modernization projects to achieve two main goals–“application innovation” and “greater engineering velocity”–however,  technical debt represents a major impediment to engineering velocity, which is crucial for innovating applications. So how do we break this cycle?

This guide for software architects and CIOs covers: 

  • How technical debt restrains application modernization initiatives
  • How the hidden costs of technical debt are manifested 
  • How technical debt affects enterprise applications, business goals and engineering staff
  • How vFunction combined award-winning academic research with machine learning (ML) to create a method to measure technical debt 
  • How enterprises can accurately calculate technical debt and build a business case for eliminating it from applications
technical debt guide