Build a Modernization Factory

Scale and Accelerate Your Modernization Program with a Modernization Factory

Hero Cluster

The App Modernization Hub

  • Modernize more applications across your organization
  • Track and manage the modernization process with powerful dashboards
  • Use data-driven assessment analyses to prioritize which applications to refactor, replace, retire
  • Don’t just lift-and-shift when you can refactor more applications now
reduce backlog

Reduce your backlog of legacy applications

Large backlogs of legacy applications create a major drag on modernization efforts and progress. Organizations are never truly able to unlock the full power of digital transformation until a majority of their legacy applications have migrated to cloud native architectures. vFunction provides an automated, self-service modernization factory that can be applied across all your Java applications. Application cycle times accelerate, deployments become more frequent, licensing costs decrease, and development teams can tap into the most modern tools, devops patterns, CI/CD pipelines, and corporate architectural standards.

Assess application base complexity and prioritize modernization

Where to start? How to prioritize? vFunction can automatically assess the modernization complexity of all your legacy Java apps – measuring across multiple dimensions including dependencies, number of identified microservices, and volume of Java resources and classes.  This can help prioritize across applications based on the projected ease of refactoring, work required, speed, and architecture. vFunction automatically creates complexity assessment reports for each application to determine ease and readiness for modernization.

prioritize modernization

create a scalable refactoring process

Create a repeatable, scalable refactoring process

Legacy application modernization projects often get stuck. The first “Newton” law of application modernization states that applications at rest stay at rest unless compelled to change their state by the action of an external force. vFunction provides the stimulus or spark that helps application teams move forward using automation and analytics that create a repeatable pattern and set of best practices that can be commonly applied across all your legacy Java applications.

Manage and control your modernization program

How to manage the refactoring process across all your apps? How do you track and measure your full application modernization program? vFunction dashboards provide an executive summary of the progress of all applications being refactored, throughout the full end-to-end process. With a modernization factory you can kick off multiple assessments, drill into each application, view service creation progress, and track microservices creation results.

manage and control your modernization program

avoid lift and shift disappointments

Avoid lift and shift disappointments

Lift and shift application strategies have resulted in major disappointments for many enterprises. On the surface, a lift and modernize approach may appear to be the fastest path to migrate to the cloud, but these projects rarely produce the intended benefits of cloud native – especially in terms of business agility, engineering velocity, scalability, and costs. vFunction changes that calculus by automating the refactoring process to open up a large portion of the legacy application estate to microservices refactoring.