Making App Modernization Easier
with HPE and vFunction

Transform monoliths into microservices with vFunction and HPE GreenLake

modernize legacy applications with ai using HPE ezmeral runtime enterprise and vfunction

Transform and migrate monolithic applications on HPE

vFunction accelerates the application modernization process for HPE GreenLake and Ezmeral workloads with intelligent automation that observes actual business domain flows and eliminates months of manual work.

Quickly decompose monoliths and deploy to HPE Greenlake and Ezmeral

vFunction eliminates the time, risk, and cost constraints of manually modernizing business applications. Couple this with HPE’s enterprise-grade platform to deploy Kubernetes at scale on bare metal or VMs, and the path to the cloud is simplified.

hpe and vfunction joint solution

hpe greenlake marketplace

Modernize and manage hybrid/private cloud workloads

Reduce the cost associated with app modernization while increasing security and utilization of infrastructure resources. Modernize apps, then deploy and manage the required compute and storage resources on-premises, in hybrid- and multi-cloud environments, or at the edge.

Automatically extract microservices to accelerate HPE app modernizations 

Application teams gain engineering and business velocity beyond manual lift-and-shift methods with the ability to refactor, rewrite, or rearchitect monolithic apps. They can also leverage HPE Cloud Native Engineering Services to provide assistance throughout the whole application modernization life cycle from discovery, analysis, code extraction, and deployment.

application modernization with cloud-native engineering and vFunction

Scale your monolithic business applications and deploy anywhere

Simplify and accelerate the transformation of monoliths into microservices allowing developers to increase application scale and security on a variety of cloud environments (self-serve, pay per use, and managed for you by HPE and partners) in edges, co-locations, and data centers.

Learn how to bring the power of vFunction to your HPE workloads by visiting the HPE GreenLake Marketplace. From there, you can find more resources and request a demo.