Use Cases

Prevent architectural drift

Combat architectural drift after each release with a real-time view of how each application changes over time. vFunction identifies architectural drift using the baseline you set, sending configurable auto-alerts for new architectural events.

Develop a baseline

Get a map of your application’s architecture and an initial technical debt report, establishing a baseline to measure drift against.

See new dependencies with each release

Observe dependencies between domains in your monolithic and distributed applications. vFunction provides detailed insights into how to reduce new dependencies and get back on track with your refactoring and modularization efforts.

Configure priorities and automated alerts

Customize your vFunction experience based on your organization’s goals and team requirements. Configure auto-alerts for new architectural events and decide how to prioritize your to-do lists based on your goals for engineering velocity, resiliency, cloud readiness, and scalability.

Uses Cases

One architectural observability platform, many use cases

To prevent architectural drift, you need a clear baseline for your architectural health. vFunction helps you visualize your architecture, reduce complexity, and optimize applications and services for modern, cloud-native infrastructure. AI-driven insights provide clear next steps toward more resilient, scalable applications and faster time-to-delivery.

Discover your architecture

Analyze your architecture with AI-powered observability, visualizing relationships, dependencies, and the overall health of each of your applications.

Increase application resiliency

Continuously modernize and build more resilient applications, reducing unnecessary dependencies and creating clearer boundaries between each domain.

Manage technical debt

Pay down architectural technical debt by automatically pinpointing issues with business logic modularity, resource exclusivity, domain dependencies, architectural complexity, using vFunction’s prioritized to-do lists to improve your architecture.

Move from monolith to microservices

Modularize domains in your monolithic applications, converting them to microservices with code extraction, including REST API generation for new services, and automatic framework upgrades.


Get started with vFunction

Learn firsthand how to leverage vFunction to prevent architectural drift.