vFunction Integration Demo with AWS Migration Hub Refactor Spaces

Bob Quillin

December 1, 2021

This week at AWS re:Invent 2021 in Las Vegas, vFunction has rolled out an integration with AWS Migration Hub Refactor Spaces to accelerate the modernization and migration of Java Monolithic Applications to AWS. The combination of the two technologies simplifies the rearchitecting, re-engineering, staging, and deployment of monolithic Java applications onto AWS

Two of the biggest challenges application modernization and migration teams face today are:

  • How to efficiently decompose monolithic apps into microservices
  • How to safely stage, migrate, and deploy those microservice applications onto AWS environments

The vFunction platform and AWS Migration Hub work together to solve these 2 problems. The vFunction platform first analyzes monolithic apps and allows architects to automate and accelerate the re-architecting and rewriting of their legacy Java applications into microservices. AWS Migration Hub Refactor Spaces the enables the application modernization teams to set up and manage the infrastructure to test, stage, deploy, and manage the legacy applications which are being refactored, rewritten, or re-architected.

Newly announced this week, the AWS Migration Hub Refactor Spaces simplifies application modernization by:

  • Reducing the time to setup a refactoring environment on AWS
  • Reducing the complexity for iteratively extracting capabilities as new microservices and re-routing traffic from old to new (Strangler Fig Pattern)
  • Simplifying management of existing and migrating apps and microservices with flexible routing control, isolation, and centralized management
  • Helping development teams achieve and accelerate technical and deployment independence by simplifying development, management, and ops while applications are changing

Example: Migrating an Order Management System (OMS) Monolith to AWS Microservices:

The video below walks you through the decomposition and migration of a Spring MVC application for order processing management.


The app runs on Tomcat on an AWS EC2 Instance (US-East-1) – you can find more information here. Check out this OMS Tutorial for more info.

In the demo, 3 services are extracted from the order management app with vFunction.

These services are auto-deployed to AWS EKS and AWS ECR also leveraging Nginx with global FQDN.

The supporting configuration is described below:

Bob Quillin

Bob Quillin is the Chief Ecosystem Officer for vFunction, responsible for developer advocacy, marketing, and cloud ecosystem engagement. Bob was previously Vice President of Developer Relations for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Bob joined Oracle as part of the StackEngine acquisition by Oracle in December 2015, where he was co-founder and CEO. StackEngine was an early cloud native pioneer with a platform for developers and devops teams to build, orchestrate, and scale enterprise-grade container apps. Bob is a serial entrepreneur and was previously CEO of Austin-based cloud monitoring SaaS startup CopperEgg (acquired by IDERA in 2013) and held executive and startup leadership roles at Hyper9, nLayers, EMC, and VMware.

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