Use Cases

From monolith to microservices

Advance your modernization efforts by transforming monolithic applications to microservices-based architecture. vFunction observes your application in production, analyzes it for full visibility into how domains and functionality are structured, and generates actionable steps toward modularizing and converting them to microservices. 

Assess modernization viability

Analyze each of your applications to understand their potential for modernization, using vFunction insights to move forward on the best candidates first by using AI to quantify the complexity and degree of effort to modernize them.

Discover aging frameworks

Get a detailed report of each application’s frameworks and identify those that will need to be updated as part of your modernization initiative.

Modularize each application domain

Use vFunction’s AI-powered task lists to refactor your monolithic code for increased modularity. The platform identifies dependencies and other potential barriers to eventual domain isolation, helping you seamlessly incorporate modularization steps in each development cycle.

Extract with Code Copy

After modularizing a domain, use Code Copy to automate its extraction and create a microservice, generating the relevant REST APIs and client libraries for your newly extracted service.

vFunction partners with OpenRewrite to simplify code refactoring for application modernization

To help organizations modernize applications and reduce technical debt through a wide range of transformations, vFunction has integrated with and contributed to OpenRewrite, a robust open source tool for codebase refactoring that developers use to effectively eliminate technical debt within their repositories. The integration supports modernization initiatives, from simple version upgrades to more complex framework migrations and coding style standardizations.

Use Cases

Explore all of vFunction’s transformation use cases

vFunction accelerates your engineering velocity and modernization efforts by providing a complete map of your applications’ architecture. Use the platform to deliver robust products faster and keep technical debt at bay.

Discover your architecture

Map the real-time relationships, dependencies, and structure of your applications with AI-powered observability.

Prevent architectural drift

Visualize how applications change over time and get back to the baseline you set by observing your architecture after each release.

Increase application resiliency

Continuously modernize and strengthen your applications, reducing unnecessary dependencies and creating more resilient boundaries between application domains.

Manage technical debt

Reduce architectural technical debt in your applications by automatically pinpointing issues with business logic modularity, domain dependencies, and architectural complexity, then generate a remediation to-do list.


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