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Automate Code Extraction from Modular Domains into Microservices

Use vFunction to modularize a domain and Code Copy to accelerate microservices creation by automating code extraction. Code Copy also generates Restful APIs for those services and automates needed framework upgrades.

“vFunction addressed a critical need for us to take thousands of our enterprise applications and modernize them through the use of an extremely powerful automated platform."

Flavio Fasano

Senior Solution Architect, Intesa Sanpaolo Bank

Continuously Observe Your Applications

Iterative Modernization

Restful API Generation

Framework Upgrades

Application Modernization Is a Process, Not a Project

Application modernization projects have been slow, cost prohibitive, and risky – for application owners and businesses alike. “Big bang” projects most often fail, exceed budget and timelines, and may never complete.

Lifting and shifting to the cloud is a great start but does not take advantage of the true value of cloud native architectures that offer much higher degrees of scalability, elasticity, agility, and engineering velocity.

Architectural observability enables

  • Incremental modernization improvements
  • Technical debt remediation over time
  • Agile integration of architect-driven modernization stories
  • User-prioritized microservice extraction
  • Modernization progress in-line with business needs

Accelerate the Transformation of Monoliths to Microservices

Extract code of modular domains from your complex applications into microservices to restore engineering velocity and increase application scalability.

Extract Microservices

Automate the extraction of the code required to compile your defined service. Eliminate dead code, automatically split classes, trim down configuration files, and deploy efficient, compact microservices.

Generate APIs

Create new RESTful APIs required for services and service boundaries. Generate new client libraries for shared common service use.

Upgrade Frameworks

Upgrade aging application frameworks including older releases of Java EE application server frameworks, e.g., WebSphere, WebLogic, JBoss, aging releases of Spring into Spring Boot, and more.

Iteratively Modernize

Continuously modernize and optimize your applications with vFunction Architectural Observability Platform, then use Code Copy to extract microservices as business and release cycles allow.

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