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Learn behavior. Analyze dependencies. Extract microservices. Repeat.

vFunction Products

The vFunction product line helps architects and developers automatically, efficiently, and rapidly assess and then transform their monolithic apps into microservices. It’s a repeatable, automated factory model purpose-built for scalable cloud native modernization.

  • vFunction Management Platform (vMP): Unlike existing modernization assessment and migration tools, the vFunction Modernization Platform provides a single pane of glass that manages and tracks full cloud migration and modernization assessment projects across an enterprise application estate. The expanded modernization dashboard manages, tracks, and coordinates the full migration and modernization process. This includes applications that are marked for Refactoring, Retention/Retirement, Replatforming, or Rewriting. The vMP is the only assessment solution with a fully data-driven approach that deeply analyzes complexity to accurately identify which applications can be refactored – and then can actually refactor those with vAXE.
  • vFunction Application Transformation Engine (vAXE): vFunction vAXE is the only modernization refactoring solution utilizing deep domain-driven observability via a passive JVM agent to accurately measure architectural flows, classes, usage, memory, and resources to detect and unearth critical business domain functions buried within a monolith. Leveraging the vMP platform, this dynamic analysis enables high degrees of scalability for even “megalith” – large monolithic – applications to untangle complex, old, and dense dependencies for applications of over 10 million lines of code and 1000’s of Java classes. When synthesized with static byte code analysis, the resulting decomposition enables unequaled acceleration, precision, and microservice decomposition results.

Learn Icon Learn

Domain-driven observability, identifies business behaviors.

vFunction agent observes business domain-driven application flows, in the lab or in production. Deeply tracks call stacks, memory, and object behaviors from actual user activity, events and tests. Augments dynamic learning with directed static code inspection of the binaries to ensure complete coverage.

Analyze Icon Assess

Analyze complexity of all your apps to prioritize & plan modernization

Automatically assess the complexity of all your legacy Java applications to determine readiness for modernization.  Prioritize which applications to modernize first, estimate schedules, and manage the modernization process.  Preview refactorability, stack rank applications and accelerate cloud native migrations.

Extract Icon Refactor

Untangle deep dependencies including database, classes, resources

Dynamic and static analysis applies graph theory and clustering algorithms to automatically identify optimal business-domain microservices. Architects interact with the platform’s UI to iteratively refine architecture & design to minimize dependencies, maximize exclusivity. Database dependency discovery & analysis discovers, detects, and reports on which database tables are used by which services while decomposing a monolith with vFunction and optimizes service decomposition accordingly based on this information. Extract, build, test new microservices.

Scale Icon Scale

Build, manage a repeatable modernization factory

vFunction factory dashboard tracks the progress of all your application modernization projects.  Provides visibility and metrics for modernization initiatives.  Observe status, prioritize, control flow, track milestones, and share and track progress across the organization.

Optimize Icon Optimize

Eliminate dead code, bloat, source creep.

Detect and eliminate code that is no longer executed or cannot be executed. Reduce dead code security issues, risk, and unnecessary maintenance. Reduce refactoring bloat by pruning unneeded libraries and code to create optimal microservices with minimal context. Apply modern code hygiene practices to legacy code to improve future updates.

“vFunction goes beyond analysis; it also provides us with a platform to create the microservices, isolating those software components that contribute to the business processes in the application.”
Andrea Crovagna
IT Architect, Intesa Sanpaolo Bank