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Platform Overview

The vFunction platform offers application modernization tools to enable software architects to rapidly and incrementally modernize their legacy applications so technology leaders can more easily and effectively unlock the power of the cloud, innovate, and scale.

vfunction platform chart assessment modernization hub

vFunction Assessment Hub

Assessment Hub analyzes the technical debt of a company’s
monolithic applications, accurately identifies the source of that debt, and measures its negative impact on innovation.

vFunction Modernization Hub

Modernization Hub is an enterprise analysis and design solution that empowers architects to rapidly transform complex monolithic applications into microservices.

Platform Capabilities

assessment hub

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Utilize the vFunction application modernization tools to analyze the complexity of all of your apps, quantify technical debt, prioritize and plan application modernization.

vFunction Assessment Hub allows enterprises with a broad portfolio of applications to accurately identify and prioritize which apps to modernize, construct an actionable roadmap for refactoring, and build a compelling business case for modernization that increases innovation velocity, scalability, and lowers costs.

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Domain-driven observability, identifies business behaviors.

vFunction Modernization Hub observes business domain-driven application flows in the lab or in production. It deeply tracks call stacks, memory, and object behaviors from actual user activity, events, and tests. Our application modernization tools augment dynamic learning with directed static code inspection of the binaries to ensure complete coverage.

vFunction modernization hub

vFunction refactor

extract icon Refactor

vFunction Modernization Hub finds deep dependencies, and the design studio empowers architects to design, refine and extracts microservices.

vFunction’s patented technology leverages AI and machine learning to synthesize dynamic and static analysis and then applies graph-theory clustering algorithms to automatically identify optimal business-domain microservices. Architects use the vFunction design studio to iteratively refine architecture and design to minimize dependencies and maximize exclusivity.

Database dependency discovery and analysis discovers, detects and reports on which database tables are used by which services while decomposing a monolith with vFunction and optimizes service decomposition accordingly. Once the architecture design is finalized, IT teams then extract, build, and test new microservices.

scale icon Scale

Build and manage a repeatable application modernization factory.

For large application portfolios, vFunction Modernization Hub factory dashboard tracks the progress of all of your application modernization projects. Our solution provides visibility and metrics for app modernization initiatives. Architects and developers can iteratively design and deploy transformational improvements to architectures, automatically breaking monoliths into microservices under their control. The vFunction application modernization tools make it easy to observe status, prioritize, control flow, track milestones and progress, and share this data across the organization.

vFunction factory dashboard

vFunction app modernization platform

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Prevent future technical debt accumulation, integrate with CI/CD.

Continuous modernization detects growing technical debt before it can become an issue. The vFunction Modernization Hub identifies and eliminates dead “zombie” code that is no longer executed, accessed in production, or cannot be executed. This process reduces security issues, risk and unnecessary maintenance. Reduce refactoring bloat by pruning unneeded libraries and code to create optimal microservices with minimal context. Architects can apply modern code hygiene practices to legacy code to improve future updates continuously.

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“Our executive leadership is impressed with the speed with which we were able to use vFunction to achieve a successful cloud modernization on a tricky monolithic application–one that for years we had been unsuccessful at trying to decompose and modernize on AWS.”
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Technology leaders can now evaluate the cost of technical debt, determine what to modernize first, and then take action with the application modernization platform, vFunction.