vFunction Continuous Modernization Platform

Understand software architecture. Find and fix architectural technical debt. Observe drift. Automate service extraction.

vfunction continuous modernization platform

vFunction: Architectural Observability and Automation



Fix Debt,
Refactor Apps

Platform Overview

The vFunction Continuous Modernization Platform is the first and only AI-driven solution for architects that provides architectural observability and automation to manage technical debt and enable iterative application modernization, from basic refactoring to full rewriting and microservices extraction.

vfunction continuous modernization platform

Architectural Observability Manager

Architectural Observability Manager analyzes application architecture, identifies domains, pinpoints sources of cross domain pollution to manage technical debt and drive continuous modernization.

Refactoring Engine Module

Refactoring Engine Module transforms and refactors complex monolithic applications into microservices, automating decomposition, extraction, API generation, and framework upgrades.

For Architects Only – How Continuous Modernization Works

assessment hub

learn icon Analyze the Architecture

vFunction analyzes application architectures through AI-enabled dynamic and static analysis in test, staging, and/or production.

Assess technical debt across enterprise. Calculate resource interdependencies and domain exclusivity including analysis of class, transactions, files, beans, database tables, synchronization objects, sockets, and stored procedure relationships.

analyze icon Fix Issues & Baseline

Pinpoint sources of technical debt and address immediately. Discover and refine domains, identify cross domain pollution, high debt classes, and cross-domain database relationships to add to modernization to-do list.

Resolve issues then set the architecture state as a baseline for ongoing observation, including domain identification, exclusivity thresholds, common libraries, and dead code.

vFunction modernization hub

vFunction refactor

extract icon Observe Architecture Drift

Scan the architecture on a scheduled basis or triggered from a CI/CD pipeline or application build/deploy.

Observe architecture drift events and alert the architect to what changed and what should be fixed. Critical events include new dead code found, new database dependencies detected, new domains identified, and new high tech debt code introduced.

application owners icon Inform Architect

Architects will be notified of architectural events through Slack, email, and vFunction Notifications Center.

These events form the modernization to-do list for the architect, pinpointing specific classes, high debt targets, dead code issues, and database table interdependencies to create stories for the next agile sprint.

vFunction factory dashboard

shift left for achitects

optimize icon Remediate and Resolve

Assign modernization stories, validate fixes, and confirm improvement in overall technical debt scores.

Catch architectural drift events and fix them incrementally in each agile sprint. Plan for major refactoring and decomposition projects that require automation to build new libraries, upgrade frameworks, and extract new microservices.

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“Our executive leadership is impressed with the speed with which we were able to use vFunction to achieve a successful cloud modernization on a tricky monolithic application–one that for years we had been unsuccessful at trying to decompose and modernize on AWS.”
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Technology leaders can now use architectural observability and automation to manage technical debt, pinpoint architectural drift, and enable continuous application modernization.