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vFunction Assessment Hub analyzes the technical debt of your monolithic applications, accurately identifies the source of that debt, and measures its negative impact on innovation. Get started fast with Assessment Hub Express for up to 3 free apps.

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Build a Data-Driven Application Modernization Plan


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Formulate Your Modernization Strategy

Purpose-built modernization assessment for decision makers. vFunction’s patented technology condenses data into 3 high-level indicators that allow you to assess, prioritize and drive immediate action on your modernization projects by seamlessly on-boarding apps into the full vFunction platform.

  • Start with Assessment Hub Express for a rapid, cloud-based solution for up to 3 applications
  • Calculate complexity, risk and technical debt indicators, identify and recommend classes to refactor
  • Automatically evaluate the total cost of ownership (TCO) improvement potential
  • Assess multiple applications at once and manage, visualize, and compare through an interactive carousel dashboard
  • Share exportable report to build a business case for modernization

Accurate Application Assessments Are Difficult

Building an accurate, data-driven application modernization plan is extremely difficult. Without the proper data-driven assessment tools it’s impossible for decision-makers to analyze the technical debt of monolithic applications, accurately identify the source of that debt, and measure its negative impact on innovation.

Current manual assessment approaches are slow, complex, costly, and prone to failure. To increase innovation velocity and scalability, get started fast with vFunction Assessment Hub Express and directly calculate accumulated technical debt across 3 applications for free for one year.

vFunction Assessment Hub integrates seamlessly with the vFunction Modernization Hub which can directly lead to refactoring, re-architecting, and rewriting applications with the full vFunction Modernization Platform.

Poor assessment data results in:
  • Inaccurate modernization business cases – no cost basis, no before / after benefits, no action plan
  • Bad estimates based on best guesses versus data-driven measurements
  • Misdirected, poorly prioritized app modernization efforts
  • No ROI, no time estimates, no TCO data
  • More failed modernization projects
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learn icon Calculate

vFunction algorithms calculate the technical debt of your monolithic applications, accurately identify the source of that debt, and measure its negative impact on innovation.

automated icon Assess

Collect technical debt measurements across your entire app modernization targets and manage through an interactive graphic carousel dashboard.

optimize icon Prioritize

Understand cost of technical debt versus innovation, the top 10 debt classes, and stack-rank which apps to modernize first, quantify the complexity, and clearly assess the benefits of modernization.

analyze icon Analyze

Analyze key metrics on one or many applications to measure ROI and TCO measurements critical for more effective and compelling application modernization business cases.

logo icon Modernize Immediately

Directly, seamlessly, and immediately move to refactoring, re architecting, and rewriting applications with the vFunction Modernization Hub.

Testimonial Intesa Saopaolo
“vFunction goes beyond analysis; it also provides us with a platform to create the microservices, isolating those software components that contribute to the business processes in the application.”
Andrea Crovagna
IT Architect, Intesa Sanpaolo Bank

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Technology leaders can now evaluate the cost of technical debt, determine what to modernize first, and then take action – all in one platform.