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Intesa Sanpaolo Transforms Mission Critical Monoliths into Microservices

See how Italy‚Äôs largest bank refactors monolith 15X faster with vFunction’s app modernization platform.

intesa sanpaolo video case study


uncovering technical debt


Raiders of the Lost Apps: An Adventurer’s Guidebook for Uncovering Technical Debt through Modernization

technical debt guide


Technical Debt: A Guide for Frustrated Software Architects and CIOs

strangler fig pattern ebook


How to Modernize with the Strangler Fig Pattern

Case Studies

intesa sanpaolo video case study

Intesa Sanpaolo Accelerates Microservice & PaaS Transformation of Mission Critical Applications with vFunction

trend micro case study

Trend Micro Uses vFunction to Refactor Critical Monolith for AWS

correla case study

Correla Modernises Key National Gas App

Analyst Reports

dej analyst report

DEJ: Top 20 Emerging Vendors for Managing IT Performance in 2022

vfunction automates shift to continuous modernization

Omdia On the Radar: vFunction Simplifies and Automates the Shift to Continuous Modernization


continuous modernization manager

vFunction Continuous Modernization Manager

vFunction Assessment Hub

vFunction Modernization Hub


Assessment Hub Demo

vFunction Introduction

Application Migration and Assessments


obstacles to modernization

Obstacles to Modernization

how java microservices work

How Java Microservices Work

wakefield report stats

Why App Modernization Projects Fail – Key Stats

Support Documentation

vFunction Application Qualification (Java)

vFunction Application Qualification (.NET)

vFunction Compatibility Matrix

refactor this podcast

Introducing Refactor This Podcast

Join us for these casual, friendly conversations about the past and present of application modernization, our expert guests share stories, offer advice, and give inspiration to architects and developers engaged in modernization initiatives.