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Describe enterprises’ best practices for building an application modernization center of excellence

Building an Application Modernization Center of Excellence (CoE) is a strategic approach that enables enterprises to modernize their legacy software applications in a structured, efficient, and cost-effective way. A CoE is a dedicated team or unit within an organization that is responsible for managing the application modernization process and ensuring that it aligns with the overall business strategy. Here are some best practices for building an Application Modernization CoE:

  1. Clearly define the scope and objectives: The first step in building an Application Modernization CoE is to clearly define the scope and objectives of the program. This includes identifying the specific applications that need to be modernized, the business processes that they support, and the desired outcomes of the modernization effort.
  2. Establish a dedicated team: A dedicated team should be established to manage the Application Modernization CoE. This team should be composed of individuals with the necessary skills and expertise in areas such as project management, software development, and IT operations.
  3. Develop a governance structure: A governance structure should be put in place to manage the application modernization process. This includes defining roles and responsibilities, establishing a decision-making process, and creating a framework for monitoring and reporting progress.
  4. Adopt a phased approach: Application modernization should be done in a phased approach. This allows the organization to focus on one application at a time and to ensure that the modernization effort is aligned with the overall business strategy.
  5. Leverage modern technologies and development methodologies: The Application Modernization CoE should leverage modern technologies and development methodologies to improve the scalability, security, and maintainability of the applications. This includes using containerization, microservices, and cloud-native architectures.
  6. Invest in training and skills development: The Application Modernization CoE should invest in training and skills development to ensure that the team has the necessary knowledge and expertise to execute the modernization effort.
  7. Measure and communicate progress: The Application Modernization CoE should measure and communicate progress to stakeholders, including the business and IT leaders. This includes creating metrics to track progress, and communicating results to the stakeholders.
  8. Continuously improve: Continuous improvement should be part of the Application Modernization CoE. This includes evaluating the modernization process and making adjustments as necessary to ensure that the team is meeting the objectives and delivering value to the organization.

In summary, building an Application Modernization Center of Excellence requires a clear definition of scope and objectives, the establishment of a dedicated team, the development of a governance structure, and a phased approach. Leveraging modern technologies and development methodologies, investing in training and skills development, measuring and communicating progress and continuously improving will ensure the success of the center.

Technology leaders can now evaluate the cost of technical debt, determine what to modernize first, and then take action – all in one platform.