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Architects, Executives & App Modernization Projects: Why Do They Fail?

RedMonk | vFunction

A recent survey uncovered that 79% of application modernization projects fail. Jump into these findings reviewed by Moti Rafalin, CEO of vFunction, and Kelly Fitzpatrick, Senior Analyst at RedMonk. In this webinar, we discuss the findings from both the architects’ and executives’ points of view. In this webinar, you will discover:

  • Why app modernization projects fail
  • Insights on the biggest obstacles to modernization
  • Where architects and executives align – and how they see things differently
  • The secrets of successful app modernization projects

why app modernization projects fail

Research Report: Why App Modernization Projects Fail

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Italy’s Largest Bank Transforms Mission Critical Monoliths into Microservices

intellyx ebook

Analyst eBook: Application Modernization Patterns & Anti-Patterns

Technology leaders can now evaluate the cost of technical debt, determine what to modernize first, and then take action – all in one platform.