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Beyond Lift & Shift: Strategic Legacy App Modernization

Many enterprises look to modernize their legacy apps in order to take full advantage of the cloud. Most enterprises “lift and shift” and call it complete. However, this fails to address the technical debt standing in the way of innovation, nor does it enable companies to take full advantage of the cloud. Learn how a Fortune 100 financial services company transformed a stalled tactical modernization project into real business ROI by strategically modernizing with the use of AI.

The Best Java Monolith Migration Tools

As organizations scale to meet the growing tsunami of data and the sudden rise of unexpected business challenges, companies are struggling to manage and maintain the applications that run their business. When unprepared, exponential data growth can tax a company’s legacy monolith Java systems and their IT departments. 

Intesa Sanpaolo Case Study (pdf)

In this case study we will describe the challenges, how Intesa Sanpaolo decided to convert one of its main business-critical applications from a monolithic application to microservices, and how a platform called vFunction helped to turn this challenge into a success.

ROI Calculator

The vFunction Return on Investment (ROI) calculator determines the key benefits – based on actual customer metrics – achieved by using the vFunction cloud native modernization platform including:

  • Time to Market Acceleration
  • Total Cost Saving
  • Total Time Savings

Technology leaders can now evaluate the cost of technical debt, determine what to modernize first, and then take action – all in one platform.