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Microservices and Containerization Trend Report Virtual Roundtable

According to DZone’s 2022 Microservices survey, 93% of developer respondents work for an organization that runs microservices. This number is up from 74% when they asked this question in the 2021 Containers survey. In 2018, when developers were asked if the excitement around microservices is warranted, an overwhelming 73% of them said “yes.” Now, in 2022, with most organizations running microservices, we no longer need to discuss the need to adopt this practice, but rather how to scale it to benefit organizations and development teams.

So where do adoption and scaling practices of microservices and containers go from here? To answer this question and more, DZone turned to its community and partner experts to weigh in. They gathered “Microservices and Containerization” Trend Report expert contributors, subject matter experts, and partners to examine research findings and considerations for the future of microservices.

dzone trend report microservices and containerization

DZone Trend Report: Microservices and Containerization

why app modernization projects fail

Research Report: Why App Modernization Projects Fail

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Analyst eBook: Application Modernization Patterns & Anti-Patterns

Technology leaders can now evaluate the cost of technical debt, determine what to modernize first, and then take action – all in one platform.