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vFunction Introduction

Learn how vFunction works and the key problems it solves for modernizing monolithic Java applications:

  • Intelligent Java application modernization and migration
  • Automated analysis & refactoring of legacy Java EE, Spring apps
  • Repeatable, factory model to scale & accelerate initiatives

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Research Report: Why App Modernization Projects Fail

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Italy’s Largest Bank Transforms Mission Critical Monoliths into Microservices

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Analyst eBook: Application Modernization Patterns & Anti-Patterns

Video Transcript

vFunction’s mission is to accelerate your journey to cloud native architecture. Over 80% of enterprise applications are not cloud-native. And there are 21 billion Java virtual machines still being used in production today. But without refactoring or rewrites, enterprises cannot get the business agility or engineering velocity that the Cloud enables. And refactoring is hard. 

These manual projects are slow, costly, and often ineffective. Enterprises have tried to lift and shift their applications to the cloud without modernizing. But lifting and shifting or re-platforming monolithic apps into containers has proven disappointing, yielding limited benefits and rising costs. 

Refactoring to services has become the next major challenge for application modernization. But no effective technology exists today that can automate and accelerate Java Application transformation to a cloud-native architecture. 

Introducing vFuction. The only platform for developers and architects that intelligently and automatically transforms monolithic Java apps into microservices. 

To start with, the vFunction agent learns business application flows, either in production or in the lab. Dynamic Learning is augmented with static code analysis of the binaries to ensure complete coverage. vFunction then automatically assesses the complexity of your legacy Java application to determine readiness for modernization. Based on the automatic analysis, architects can interact with the platform’s UI to refine the architecture and minimize dependencies. Finally, a new service is automatically extracted from the original code built and tested and can be deployed on your choice of cloud-native platforms. 

vFunction assessments make it easy to get started. And vFunction dashboards make it easy to manage and scale to hundreds of applications. 

vFunction is the only platform for developers and architects that automatically transforms complex monolithic Java apps into microservices. And enterprises around the world today, are using vFunction to build their own internal factories for cloud-native modernization. 

Accelerate your journey to cloud-native architecture with vFunction today.

Technology leaders can now evaluate the cost of technical debt, determine what to modernize first, and then take action – all in one platform.