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vFunction ROI and Case Study

See how a real customer accelerated their modernization 15x by automating application refactoring with vFunction.

  • Accelerate modernization by 15x
  • Refactor more applications with a lower risk
  • Save $300,000-$500,000 or more per application

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Video Transcript

Let’s take a case study where a global financial data services leader had over 150 legacy Java apps and mainly Java two applications with a struts framework.

The customers goal was to transform those monolithic apps into micro services and run them on a serverless Functions as a Service or fast platform on AWS using K native.

In the pilot V function was used to extract micro services including the automatic creation of common libraries from a single application.

The function also removed the struts dependencies and assisted in the conversion of the Java to E dependencies to spring all within three days.

As one of the lead architects said the function enables us to refactor one of our most complex applications which I thought might never be possible.

When comparing manual refactoring work to the V function refactoring process of one service, the customer estimated the following manual assessment and analysis of the application including understanding its dependencies identifying IT services, and prioritizing would have taken 10 working days, and then about four days to extract the service with half a day of manual technology upgrades routine was three to four developers.

The functions assessment and analysis took two hours and automatic service extraction another two hours. Additionally, for V function, there was half a day of learning, which is the data collection phase.

In total, extracting a service with V function took one and a half eight verses 14 and a half days of the estimated manual process.

Let’s extrapolate these numbers to a form refactoring of a similar application with eight services by multiplying those numbers, the full decomposition or an application of 100,000 lines of code and 250 classes, takes less than three days total we V function versus 42 days for the manual process alternative without V function.

V function benefits include 15x acceleration to complete the project is the organization’s goal is to modernize 120 applications that translates to one year with V function versus 15 years without me function.

Of course, the title markets benefits are worth millions in this case, but also the directs development cost savings are about $350,000 per application, which translates to over $10 million dollars of direct cost savings for such a project.

The less quantifiable benefits is the project risk reduction along two dimensions.

First, when a project timeline is shortened by 15. Next, its probability of success increases by an order of magnitude second, when the creative micro services are generated automatically increases the quality and consistency of the micro services and the probability of a successful rollout and operation.

Accelerate your journey to cloud native architecture with V function today.

Technology leaders can now evaluate the cost of technical debt, determine what to modernize first, and then take action – all in one platform.