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Monolithic Application Migration vs. Modernization

Lift and Shift, Refactor, or Replace?

Since 2021, “Application/legacy system modernization” has risen in importance to become a top priority for CIOs. The #1 prediction by industry analyst IDC is that by 2024, the majority of legacy applications will receive some modernization investment. So where does this leave you?

Many software teams have been promised that migrating to different JVMs, frameworks, operating systems, and infrastructure is enough to call it a day; however, while the “lift and shift” migration tactic (e.g. rehosting or replatforming) provides some benefits, it’s still just one part of a comprehensive application modernization strategy (e.g. refactoring and rearchitecting). It’s these differences in approach, goals, and results between migration and modernization that we look at in this whitepaper. 

Download this vFunction whitepaper and learn more about:

  • How urgent application modernization priorities are pushing migration to the cloud
  • What compels companies to modernize monolithic applications
  • How to properly assess and prioritize modernization of legacy monolithic applications
  • When to choose lift and shift (migration) vs refactor or re-architect (modernization)